Step 1: Start a Blog

As a hobbyist game developer with little time to sit down and write code, a productive use of otherwise idle time (the hour-long commute to & from work) is to contemplate whatever problem I’ve been looking at recently. This time around the problem is: how do I organise my thoughts on a subject in order to solve a problem? While having a notepad is invaluable for sketching out ideas, I often find that the best way to address a problem is to try and explain it. This is a recognised phenomenon, known as Rubber Ducking. It is noticeable when asking questions on Q&A sites such as StackExchange (useful when the Rubber Duck has no answer).


Starting a blog is perhaps the high-tech equivalent of talking to a small polymeric waterfowl, with the added benefit of recording your thoughts and maybe even inspiring some discussion on the subjects that interest you. Kind of makes me wonder why I haven’t done this before now..!

As such, this blog will be a tool to discuss the various problems and ideas I have during my dabblings in game design and development: My rubber duck.


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